Shhhh! Don’t tell… heres some Secret Instagram Tips

Voight Thornton
2 min readApr 20, 2019

Shhhh! Don’t tell… heres some Secret Instagram Tips



1. How to get a Solid background on Stories

Take a picture of anything random or select a picture from your Photos.

Next, click on the drawing pencil icon and hover over any color you want. Then, tap your finger and hold it. The whole background will change to being one solid, monochrome color, which is perfect if you need to write a quick message, make it stand out, and yet align with the color scheme of your previous Stories.

After that, double click on your Home button again and go back to your Instagram app — the Stories draft is still there!

Go in it, select the text icon (“Aa”), tap and hold on the screen where the blinking cursor is, and click “Paste”:

3. Stay Active and Stay connected!!

Interact 15 min before and after posting

We all know that Instagram algorithm invites engagement especially within the first half an hour of publishing your posts. A lot of engagement straight away means the algorithm recognizes that post is something worth pushing up and up the feed, for more eyes to see.

Influencers know that too, and they sometimes use a little trick to draw some extra attention to their latest post. Many of them, interact with other posts for literally 30 minutes straight, 15 minutes before publishing the new post, and 15 minutes after. And by “interact”, I mean they go into their relevant hashtags, see a post, and leave like 10000 likes for that user who posted it. Literally liking everything they see, and even leaving a comment here and there. Before you deem this activity as spammy, what it results in is sparking interest who is this person? and wanting to check out the profile back. Which normally results in liking at least one picture from the feed and usually it’s the very first one they see.

Do try this! It’s one of the best Instagram tip