See How one Musician/Artist uses his Snapchat to grow his Brand!

How one Musician uses his Snapchat to grow his Brand!

This a very Creative way artist Futuristic uses his brand to promote his musical career.

This musician creatively used the camera roll face swap to perform a freestyle rap! CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW

Hip Hop Artis | OnlyFuturistic | Uses Camera Roll Swap Feature in Freestyle

Use your passion to forward your business creatively on Snapchat

Follow FUTURISTIC on Snapchat: OnlyFuturistic



Voight Thornton is a Snapchat filmmaker | director | part-time Doodler

located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Snapchat: Sixmicfilms

Filmmaker | Storyteller | Emoji Art

What you can expect from my snaps

Stories | Skits | Emoji Art | Doodling

From: Alamogordo, New Mexico

Lives: Scottsdale, Arizona



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Voight Thornton

Voight Thornton

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