HOW TO Screenshot and Edit a Picture in Snapchat

To increase interaction some some snap chatters involve their followers to interact and draw on their post and send it back to them via inbox. The way to to this is screenshot the picture

2.Click Edit at the bottom left of message on the app
3.Choose screen shot and Use the text or drawing feature to edit the picture
4.Resend edited picture back to the owner via messaging inbox.

Creates Interaction:
Content creators having their fans / followers respond back to a post such as involving users into a game (maze, tick tac, toe, coloring a object) etc.



Voight Thornton is a Snapchat filmmaker | director | part-time Doodler

located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Snapchat: Sixmicfilms

Filmmaker | Storyteller | Emoji Art

What you can expect from my snaps

Stories | Skits | Emoji Art | Doodling

From: Alamogordo, New Mexico

Lives: Scottsdale, Arizona



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Voight Thornton

Voight Thornton

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