How to Mic a Panel Discussion | Filming a Live Event



Need to record sound for a live panel event? Don’t want to buy a whole bunch of new gear? This video is for you! In this episode of Sound 101 Andrew talks us through some strategies for how to get great live sound at a panel discussion using your sound gear. And we are mainly going to approach the top of sound for video as this is all about audio for live streams that are meant for a PA system. The real secret is we show you how to use an automixer much like Dugan Automixer/ Dugan Automix Live. This feature is found on the Zoom F8 under AutoMix and the MixPre3 Mixassist.

Many people wonder how to mic a panel discussion without using high end live sound equipment. This episode shows you not only how you can be using your sound gear for live events but also how to perform mic checks, where to set up your gear, how to mic an audience and how to get PA systems to work for you.

If you have any questions about running live sound for your event, be sure to leave them in a comment below!

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Deity Microphones produces weekly digital web content to help filmmakers and sound mixers grow in their education. Deity Microphones shares this free web series in hopes that the next generation of filmmakers grows in their video production quality and changes the world.

Deity Microphones produces free educational web content to help filmmakers, vloggers, sound mixers and sound designers grow as creatives and take their production quality (be it independent, TV, or studio) to the next level. Deity Microphones believes that budget should never be a constraint to creativity.

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