Voight Thornton
2 min readFeb 27, 2022


How to DIG DEEP and find out your client’s budget?

Have you ever been on a sales call with a prospect that everything seemed to be going absolutely well… until the prospect revealed unrealistic lower budget for their project?

Even if it seems obvious to you that your assistance would be worth far more than their budget, trying to directly convince them of this generally does not work very well.

Instead, invite the prospect into a conversation in which they voluntarily share what they believe the value of the project to be. Keep in mind (The value, not the budget)

The way to do this is with questions is to dig deep and ask Fact-finding questions:

“Can you help me understand why your video / film for your business is such a low priority?”

“Am I wrong in thinking that VIDEO could become your most profitable sales channel?”

“What is your most effective sales channel currently?”

Once they start answering, keep asking questions until every assumption is removed. At that point you will either:

Discover that the project isn’t as valuable to the prospect as you had assumed.

The prospect will discover that it would not be advantageous to invest more than they had budgeted for the project. Either way, you educated your services and help others learn the value of your service.



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