How I you plan to use App to grow my Snapchat

Voight Thornton
4 min readMay 2, 2016


WHAT IS MUSICAL.LY? is a video community that allows you to create, share, and discover short videos.

- Shoot, save and share short videos up to 15 seconds long.
- Edit videos with creative effects and filters, such as slow motion, time lapse, and hyper speed.
- Discover exciting new music and artists.
- Record and upload your own original audio tracks for others to use.
- Collaborate with friends and people from around the world with the unique duet function.
- Share videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and other social media networks.
- Save videos privately so only you can see them.
- Use hands free recording to record themselves when no one’s around to help.

I started using last month. My inspiration was from a Gary Vaynerchuk YOUTUBE video with two of the top musers. I am a filmmaker / Director that directs corporate, commercial, modelfolios and music videos.

I wanted to find out how to use this medium to grow my snapchat and use it as a platform introduce my snapchat content to a new audience.

Heres a few tips that artists, models, filmmakers can use the app


MUSIC ARTISTS — Being a music video director I would encourage artist to introduce new music or event possibly perform a routine to build engagement on their new track. Also, this would be a solid way to upload your album and have preview of the artist performing their new songs on the app.

Equally important, a good way to involve your community would have your followers use your personal hashtag and perform your song in a contest on the app.

FILMMAKERS-USING THE ‘’SHOOT FIRST:” option. This a great option for filmmakers to pre-record their content then add a voiceover / music or dramatic sounds to their video. This is something that can be used to tell a story on the app. Very important, their is a upload feature on the app that allows you to upload #snapchat stories. Keep in mind, you only can upload stories for 15 seconds.

MODELFOLIOS- Fashion and Beauty is a huge industry. As the app ages up to a older demographic. This would be a great way to post your portfolio of behind the scenes work on set and make video portfolio life on set for a models portfolio. Just another option to push your content and get it to other mediums like snapchat, twitter, Facebook etc.

As we know testing and trying different apps and avenues is a continuing process. These are some tactics that I plan to use to drive content towards my snapchat. I also plan to provide native content in app as well but it will be interesting to see how apps grows in the future.


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