Behind The Scenes of Building Motion Emoji Art

The Process
I first Film the scene with music (spotify)
I use a black cloth and green cloth
to show a transition.

Next, I build the Font through a mix
of emoji characters / food etc.
I design the wording in static form first
then when ready to make the transition shot
I will hold down each emoji one by one on the green
fabric to show the transition effect.

This setup is not as elaborate as others but can take
up to 30mins — 1 hour creating.



Voight Thornton is a Snapchat filmmaker | director | part-time Doodler

located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Snapchat: Sixmicfilms

Filmmaker | Storyteller | Emoji Art

What you can expect from my snaps

Stories | Skits | Emoji Art | Doodling

From: Alamogordo, New Mexico

Lives: Scottsdale, Arizona



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Voight Thornton

Voight Thornton

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