Behind the Name — Sixmic Films

[SIXMIC FILMS] — 6MIC FILMS BACKSTORY:”How’d You get your Film Company name?I get asked how I came up with the company name 6MIC FILMS [SIXMIC FILMS] .

I have been dee jaying since college at the UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO (LOBOS) in 1999 and in the dorms I would always practice during the week and weekends and usually my music was pretty loud during those sessions.

My Resident Advisor (RA) came by and asked if I could turn down my music because it sounded like a seismic earthquake in her room. I thought that was funny so I used the DJ Moniker ‘DJ SEISMIC’ from the moment on and it stuck.

When I started the film company in 2006 I just broke down the word SEIS (6) MIC for the film name and it caught on from there!

Let us know if you have any other question we love to read your comments and questions.

Voight Thornton

Sixmic Films
Filmmaker | Editor


From: Alamogordo, New Mexico



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