6 Keys for Social Engagement Success

Voight Thornton
3 min readOct 19, 2017

Establishing a brand presence on social media is no easy task. Even with the right tools, it can take some time and a lot of knowledge to build an engaged following. So we’re here to shed light on ways to increase engagement among your followers.

1. Strategize

What do you wish to accomplish by creating a social media presence for your brand? Better brand awareness? More traffic to your website? Try establishing marketing goals you wish to achieve in the near future. In doing so, you’re creating a clear cut path to which you can strategize to gain the right level of engagement.

2. Understand your audience

Once you’re ready to start building an audience, take steps to understand how your ideal fans interact with the social platform you’re on. Do they respond better to a friendly brand voice or a professional tone? When are they most online? For how long? When you truly get a feel for what your audience enjoys, you can curate content that leaves an impact & motivates fans to engage you.

3. Establish connections

Establishing a following isn’t always done by simply bombarding your audience with content. Sometimes it helps to pepper some conversation into your social presence to connect with fans on a more one-to-one level. Engage with fans who mention you on social media or find a way to blend yourself into conversations surrounding the industry related to your brand. With 77% of brand conversations revolving around seeking advice or information, stepping in to meet this need directly could stimulate a trusting relationship between you and your audience.

4. Provide value

When it comes to the content you’re sharing with your audience, there’s may be a temptation to sell, sell, sell through your marketing. But it pays off to switch up those efforts by providing valuable, informative content to your audience. While promotions can influence new follows, 45% of consumers will tune out and unfollow if your main focus is promotion. By sharing info your fans can apply to their lives, you build trust and loyalty among these fans. And when it finally comes time to sell, they’ll want to support you by engaging, spreading awareness and making purchases.

5. Incentivize

As you work to increase awareness through your audience on social media, it may help to sweeten the deal with an incentive. When over 50% of referrals from fans are driven by incentives, there’s little doubt that these efforts can motivate your fans to help spread the word on you and your brand. You can set up contests, promos & giveaways to drive your audience to mention you online in exchange for exclusive content or free swag.

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6. Analyze

So you’ve set up an audience profile and are well underway with acting out your strategy. But once you’re sharing content, how do you know it’s performing well? Try tracking your content’s performance to figure out what your audience enjoys and what’s not working. While most social platforms come with built-in analytics features, there’s a number of robust tools available for tracking social performance. Once you’ve gained an idea of how your content performs, tailor new content around your findings to improve audience reception and boost engagement.