6 Benefits Of Creating A Video Portfolio

Voight Thornton
2 min readOct 19, 2017



Video portfolios aren’t just for certain fields or industries anymore. The importance of having a professional video presence is more important than ever, and an online portfolio will certainly increase your visibility and presence. Creating your portfolio website allows you to share and showcase your work.

6 Benefits Of Creating An Video Portfolio
Here are 6 benefits of showcasing your work online:

1. Professional Way To Showcase Your Work
Building a website about your brand and experience is a polished way to share your expertise with others. Websites can be more creative and innovative than traditional portfolios and are able to share with anyone in the world.

2. It’s A Great First Impression For Clients / Your Network

If an client sees your video on your social media or in your signature on a email. They’ll likely click on it to see what you’ve built. Seeing you’ve taken the time to create video will separate you from other in your field.
Featuring work samples, recommendations, previous presentations and more will be a killer first impression for your video portfolio.

3. Video increases Your Visibility And Online Presence

When an client / prospective client Googles your name, your professional portfolio will be one of the first search results that pops up.

4. Shows You’re More Than Just A still photo / resume.

Because of the flexibility of an video portfolio, you’re able to show your personality.

5. Flexibility
With the click of a button, you can change sell your brand with by speaking and showing clients that you are able to be different and stop out of the box form other.

6. Video is the key to get on all your platforms!

Social media is not going away make sure to format your videos to each platform. FACE BOOK, IG STORIES (Vertical Videos)

Do you have an video portfolio? What else would you add?

Happy Video Revolution!

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