3 Tips to Remember When Flying Drones

Voight Thornton
3 min readAug 18, 2021

There are lots of ways to fly drones with thousands of different operators’ preferences.

Today, we’ll be discussing the Top 3 Tips that are universal to all pilots using drones with sensors.

The best pilots have the basics mastered to not only protect the drone and achieve the desired shots but more importantly to protect the people that might be in the vicinity.

Let’s begin.

1.) When you are losing control or don’t know how to stop the drone…


Drones can be amazing when they are operating correctly, your guidance is smooth, the weather is perfect, and the obstacles are clear and easy to avoid…However!

That is certainly not how it will be every single time you fly, unless you only operate it once a year that is.

Sometimes the unavoidable happens and the drone cannot be helped any further, you’re trying to regain control but it seems to be flying everywhere but where you need it to go.

The best thing you can do at that point is to quickly recenter yourself and the drone by letting go of the joysticks.

If the propellers are still operating normally and you’re using a drone with sensors like DJI drones, then by letting go it will be able to right itself to a hover as long as nothing severe is broken.


It sounds silly and obvious but being distracted while flying only takes a moment and can mean the difference between having a successful shoot and worrying about replacing your drone.

Sometimes, when a client comes up to me mid flight asking for a new shot or perspective on something I will keep my head down watching my screen.

This shows where my priority is and doesn’t lure my focus.

Depending on how complicated the answer is I may need to tell them that I will speak with them about it once this shot is done and the drone is in a safe location.

3.) Slow. Your. Drone. Down.

Many new drone operators are excited to fly their drone but in the moment they may be flying too fast for the shot to turn out how they are hoping.

There are styles where flying at full speed is needed, like covering lots of land to reveal a majestic open ocean.

Majority of the time this isn’t the case, if you are trying to focus on a shot especially when close to the subject slow your roll.

This will ensure crisp scenes that captivate you and can always be sped up later.

There you have it, the top 3 tips to always remember when operating your drone.

We hope they can be of use to you on your future shoots, please let us know if there’s an area you are interested to learn more about!