10 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Voight Thornton
1 min readJun 11, 2018


People don’t just by homes the buy the area.

  1. Interview video testimonials quick wins
  2. Informational videos — valuable tips and how to’s ( how to select an real estate agent), how to read an inspection report
  3. Market Updates
  4. Local business reviews. Hey I just want to highlight some places great places. ‘’People don’t just by homes the buy
    The area.
  5. Go Live on Facebook, IG or twitter.
  6. Listing videos — and walk throughs
  7. About me video — know, like and trust you not just your authority and credibility. Hire a a professional or keep it simple.
  8. Community event videos — street fairs to show the surrounding area. Let people know about the neighborhood
  9. Power tip.. tag people who are at the events (pics, videos) . — Cross promotion organic vitality. People don’t just buy the home they by the neighborhood
  10. Get Creative: Think Bill Nye wacky scientist making learning fun

Example: Harlem shake for you business. Rap Video about your company, Ice water challenge; push up challenge.

-Don’t fall in the sea of sameness.

-Done is better than perfect

-Dont get paralyzed by perfection.